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Pandemic Legacy: July – September

Pandemic Legacy: July – September

August – Attempt 2

Objective: Cure three diseases and complete two other objectives, either build a military base in each of the six areas on the board, quarantine seven faded cities or find the Immunologist in a faded city that is rioting.

Team Players: The Soldier (Arran), The Quarantine Specialist (Claire), The Dispatcher (Mark), The Researcher (Viv)

Outcome: Success!

End of Game Upgrades: Chopper Pilot upgrade to the Soldier and three permanent roadblocks to help contain the spread of the faded.

Although we were hoping for a much better game this time, we still managed to draw an epidemic card on the first turn. Because of this, we played the airstrike card to remove a faded figure from Manila as it already had 3, and skipped the infect cities stage with an unfunded event. On our third turn, we drew another epidemic, so we chose to add some roadblocks to protect the spread of disease.

Our Soldier was tasked with searching for the Immunologist, and thankfully, could search in a city where the corresponding card also had equipment attached to it, and so could be recovered and played again. This boosted our searching powers and the Immunologist was found within two rounds.

Our third epidemic causes Sydney to outbreak, which then becomes the first fallen city on the board. Using some clever coordination, both the black and blue diseases were quickly cured. The cure for yellow was in sight, but we needed at least another round. The board was not in a good way, and we were also due an epidemic at any moment.

Our fourth epidemic causes one more outbreak, if we get two more the game is lost, but thankfully, the yellow disease is cured quickly after.

The win bonus for August relates to the search tracks, and we receive a new character, the Virologist, who becomes coworkers with the Researcher.

September – Attempt 1

Objective: Cure three diseases and complete two other objectives, either build a military base in each of the six areas on the board, quarantine seven faded cities or find the Paranoid Soldier in a faded city containing a military base.

Team Players: The Soldier (Arran), The Quarantine Specialist (Claire), The Dispatcher (Mark), The Researcher (Viv)

Outcome: Failure

End of Game Upgrades: Multiple Identities upgrade for the Researcher and made three roadblocks permanent.

Once again, we already had the military base objective complete, so we set off to find the Paranoid Soldier and cure the three diseases. At the start of the game, we were managing the diseases well. Once again we managed to exploit the Soldier’s abilities, and by having equipment on the city card where we needed to search, we could move six places up the search track each turn.

The rest of us conducted a lot of card swapping, and the Paranoid Soldier was found on the second round. But then everything changed….

It turns out that we have been betrayed! The objective to have a military base in each region is now destroyed, and whichever character has the Paramilitary Escort upgrade is our betrayer! This means the our Soldier is actually ‘Sagittarius’ a member of the Zodiac Group who infiltrated our group. This character is now lost, and is replaced with a civilian for the rest of the game.

Not only have we lost one of our most useful characters, but we’ve also just lost the only objective we had currently completed. Now, instead, we have a new objective, to sabotage two military bases. Sabotage becomes an available action. It also means that now during future game setups, we will add a starting military base to the first city to become infected.

After that complete mess, when we drew the next epidemic card we used two unfunded events to try and minimise damage, but we still had a number of outbreaks.

We finally came up with a plan to blow up the military base in Bogota, and use a C4 equipment card to blow up the military base in Riyadh. Unfortunately, more outbreaks caused the game to end before we could complete the mission.

I still can’t believe we were betrayed!

September – Attempt 2

Objective: Cure three diseases and complete two other objectives, quarantine seven faded cities and sabotage two military bases.

Team Players: The Virologist (Arran), The Quarantine Specialist (Claire), The Dispatcher (Mark), The Researcher (Viv)

Outcome: Success!

End of Game Upgrades: Added three military equipment stickers to city cards and positive mutation for the blue disease

Having lost the Soldier in our first attempt at September, we decided to switch to the Virologist character, who also happened to supercharge the Researcher’s passing cards powers.

We are also now restricted in our objectives, as we must complete three, and only three are now available! This meant that as the Quarantine Specialist, I was responsible for keeping faded cities under quarantine until the end of the game, something I had not had to worry about before.

The game started well, and everything was kept under control, although we weren’t making great progress towards cures, nothing was going badly wrong. We then drew our second and third epidemic cards one after the other, meaning we would be guaranteed outbreaks. Thankfully we also had some funded events to use, so we removed Atlanta from the game (as we would lose the Research Station if this one had an outbreak) and placed three roadblocks around Istanbul, to control the inevitable outbreak as much as possible.

By the end of the third epidemic, we had kept it to just one outbreak, and the spread only affected two of the six possible routes out due to roadblocks and a quarantine.

Black was cured swiftly after that, and we could potentially also eradicate, although we had a lot of black cards in the infect cities deck we knew were yet to be redrawn.

Instead, with blue very much under control, we managed to tactically cure and eradicate immediately on the next round. With the cure on yellow AND the ability to blow two Military Bases in sight within two turns, we had nothing unexpected cause issue and quickly completed the game.


The last three months have been very poor for us, and with Military Bases on the way out, we decided to put the military equipment stickers to use while we still can, as they would be more difficult to implement in future games. We also think that the game is moving towards allowing us to cure the faded, so with just three months left, we don’t have long to go!


Thank you for reading! GirlGeekUpNorth x
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