Game Review – The Crow: Fire it up!

The Crow: Fire it up! Is another one against many game, this time from Upper Deck, and something we’re seeing as a bit of a trend with recent game releases. First we saw it in The Last Friday, and it worked very well, and then we saw it in The Others: 7 Sins, which put a nice twist on a miniature game, and now we have The Crow: Fire it up!

In a world without justice, one man was chosen to protect the innocent! On Devil’s Night in the Motor City, play as Eric Draven as he dishes out revenge against the gang that took his life and the life of his fiance, Shelly, in The Crow: Fire It Up!

Slightly different to other one versus many games, in this version, it is the side of ‘good’ that plays solo, and you control four characters, Eric Draven, the Crow, Sarah & Officer Albrecht. The other players, (up to four of them) play the Motor City Gang, and control eight characters, Tin-Tin, Funboy, T-Bird, Skank, Grange, Myca, Gideon, and Top Dollar. Continue reading “Game Review – The Crow: Fire it up!”

Princess Leia – The Geek’s Princess

Following the tragic news of Carrie Fisher’s death, (god damn you 2016) I was compelled to write about her most iconic role, Princess Leia, and why she was so important to the world.

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

I fear something terrible has happened.

Princess Leia was an outstanding role model for young girls, myself included, and reminds me of my other hero Ellen Ripley. She didn’t have superpowers, she wasn’t even a Jedi like the other heroes in the Star Wars Saga, she was just a girl. It is in these most normal of women that we see true strength, and I thank Carrie Fisher for bringing this iconic character to life, in such an outstanding way, at just 19 years old. Continue reading “Princess Leia – The Geek’s Princess”

Game Review – The Others: 7 Sins

One of the games we’ve been most excited to play recently was The Others: 7 Sins. From the creators of Zombicide Season 1, and Zombicide Black Plague, we were in no doubt that the miniatures for this game would be exquisite, but how would the rest of the game measure up?

In The Others, the world stands on the brink of apocalypse, as the fanatics of the Hell Club have summoned the 7 Deadly Sins to lay waste to our reality. Slowly the Others have creeped into our lives, corrupting society from within. The city of Haven is the key to their invasion, but it will not go down without a fight, thanks to the actions of the paranormal organization known as F.A.I.T.H. (Federal Authority for the Interdiction of Transdimensional Horrors).

Continue reading “Game Review – The Others: 7 Sins”

Review of Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings

Fierce Edge is a fitness clothing company with a difference. Created by Lester Lee, a video game and fitness fanatic, Fierce Edge clothing is designed to make your workout fun! I received a pair of Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings to put to the test…

Fierce Edge creates comic book and gaming inspired sportswear making your journey to fitness an adventure without the grind.

I’ve always wanted to wear those funky leggings I see on fitness websites, but being a larger lady, I have to be careful as stretched prints don’t look very flattering, and some clothing brands don’t even go up to my size. Continue reading “Review of Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings”

Game Review – The Last Friday

We’ve been looking at some unusual cooperative games lately, so Last Friday looked quite appealing to us. A game for two to six players, Last Friday can be played as a single chapter or multi-chapter game. Despite an incredibly ‘busy’ board, the game isn’t too complex, and you can be up and running in under 15 minutes first time out.

Last Friday is a hidden movement, hunting and deduction board game, inspired by the popular “slasher” horror movie genre. In the role of young campers, the players are challenged to survive a long weekend of terror – while one of them takes the role of the undying psychopath hiding in the shadows of the forest. In general, the murderer’s goal is to remain hidden and to kill off each of the campers, while the campers are trying to fight back and kill the murderer before they are all killed.

The most exciting thing about Last Friday is the game mechanics. Whilst the majority of players work cooperatively, one player is always the ‘murderer’, working against the rest of the group. For the player who controls the murderer, it’s a very different game to the usual cooperative, and you view play almost as an outsider. Continue reading “Game Review – The Last Friday”

Lucardo Manchester – Virginia House

It’s been a few months now since we last played an Escape Game, and it’s fantastic to see that the industry is still going strong. So strong in fact, that Manchester has just welcomed another new escape room company to the fold. Lucardo, based on Ancoats Street, is hitting Manchester with a bang, offering five rooms along various themes and difficulties. We popped down last week to see what they had to offer, and played their murder mystery themed room, Virginia House. Continue reading “Lucardo Manchester – Virginia House”

Game Review – Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne

I’m always a bit unsure of opting for board games themed around beloved TV shows or films, as there’s always a risk that they’ll fall short, but we decided to give this one a go. Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne, is a game for 3 to 5 players, who take on the role of one of the great houses of Westeros, and fight for control over the other houses.

In Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne, which uses the game systems from Cosmic Encounter, you and your friends each command one of the Great Houses of Westeros, pitting iconic characters against each other in epic battles and schemes. Negotiate, bluff, forge alliances, threaten your rivals — use every tool at your disposal to spread your influence, establish supremacy, and claim the ultimate prize: the Iron Throne!

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Shudder – Netflix for horror fans

Shudder is a relatively new streaming service to launch, and it claims to be the largest selection of horror, thrillers and paranormal films available online. Now, that might be true, but being the only horror streaming service, it’s not necessarily a difficult feat. We were given a free trial to check out Shudder in beta, here’s what we thought…

At first glance Shudder looks like a nice site. It’s clean, and we love the way the menu items ‘shudder’ when you hover over them. The homepage offers up some of their new and exclusive films, as well as their Shudder TV, which we’ll go into later. Continue reading “Shudder – Netflix for horror fans”