Werewolf, The Game – Part 4, Doubles

Double Wolves is a game initially developed by Martyn Ranyard, and then built upon by the Leeds and Manchester Werewolf groups. It was developed as a way to make the game more interesting for smaller groups, as it extends the game play and allows the addition of a vast number of roles. This is because doubles introduces the concept of 2 lives and removes the tactic of role reveal.

Double Wolves involves distributing 2 cards to each player. The first deck of cards contains only basic alignment, Villager and Wolf cards. The second deck contains the roles, and a possible extra wolf card.

This means that you could potentially have a Wolf Seer, Wolf Villager, Villager Villager, Wolf Wolf, Shapeshifter Witch, Cupid Wolf etc. It also means that a role reveal is useless as just because you claim the Seer role and are not contested, does not mean you’re not still a Wolf.

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Werewolf, The Game – Part 2, Villager Special Roles

Once you are comfortable with the basics of Werewolf, you can start to add in more and more special roles, to make the game more interesting. The most common roles are added to the Villager team, however there are also roles you can add to the Wolves, which I will explain later. One thing to remember however, if that when adding more Villager roles to a game, that it can quickly become unbalanced in the village’s favour, so be sure to combat this, by adding more wolves to balance the game. For every 2 additional villager roles, add 1 werewolf, and try to maintain a minimum of 40% basic villagers.

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Werewolf, The Game – Part 1, The Basics

Werewolf is a party game I play at least once a month, and it has to be by far my favourite. The game is based on the party game Mafia, created in 1986 by Dmitry Davidoff, and in 1997, the game was reworked with a Werewolf theme by Andrew Plotkin. The Werewolf variant became widespread at various tech events, including the BarCamp, which is where I played my first game.

The game can be made a simple or as complicated as the group decides. I will start by explaining the very basics of the game, with more roles and rules being introduced as we go along.

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