Review of Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings

Fierce Edge is a fitness clothing company with a difference. Created by Lester Lee, a video game and fitness fanatic, Fierce Edge clothing is designed to make your workout fun! I received a pair of Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings to put to the test…

Fierce Edge creates comic book and gaming inspired sportswear making your journey to fitness an adventure without the grind.

I’ve always wanted to wear those funky leggings I see on fitness websites, but being a larger lady, I have to be careful as stretched prints don’t look very flattering, and some clothing brands don’t even go up to my size. Continue reading “Review of Fierce Edge Cyborg leggings”

Gauntlet Games 2016 – Gladiators Ready!

After my 2014 Colour Run, and 2015 Mud Run, this year, I decided to give a slightly different obstacle course race a go. Gauntlet Games is an OCR race with a combination of inflatable, water and climbing obstacles. Not so much mud, but lots of water and bubbles!

The race was again held at Heaton Park, which seems to be the hot spot for Manchester’s 5/10k races. Once you’re there, you can see why. After 3 different 5k routes I still see beautiful areas of the park which are new to me each time.

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Women Climb – Beginner Rock Climbing Event

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my first ever climbing session by Women Climb, at Manchester Climb Centre, as part of the BMC Women Outdoors week.

I did some rock climbing when I was about 12, but I was terrible at coming back down (I have vertigo and abseiling makes me cry), and since then, I’ve become a lot less active, flexible and generally much more clumsy. I was pretty sure I was going to be the worst climber there, but I was happy to go along, give it a go, and see what I could do.

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Gauntlet Games comes to Manchester!

The latest craze in running and fitness has seen the rise of the OCR as one of the most accessible types of races. With a huge emphasis on the fun factor, these are the races that will get anyone off the couch and giving it a go, and the latest race to make it to Manchester is Gauntlet Games.

The Gauntlet Games is a unique Gladiator-themed obstacle race designed to make runners feel like gameshow heroes! The race has a 5k or 10k option with up to 20 obstacles, with challenges against real Gladiators along the way. Obstacles include giant inflatables, the huge Gauntlet with three pugil-stick wielding Gladiators, a mega slippery slide and in true Gladiators style, a rope swing onto an airbag at the finish line!

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2.8 Hours Later – My week as a zombie

In light of Slingshot’s recent announcement that they have ceased trading, I decided it was time to do my write up on when I was a zombie for their game 2.8 hours later.

Back in July 2012, someone pointed me in the direction of a request for volunteers to be zombies for the game 2.8 hours late in Leeds, and I decided that this was something really awesome I could do.

2.8 hours later has run from 2011, although the story evolves each year, the premise of the game remains much the same. You are provided with a starting location in your chosen city, and there you are given a map to follow to escape the zombie hoard. Following the map you go through various checkpoints, which progress the story, but also have you running for your lives!

When you sign up to be a zombie, you first have to pass zombie school. Zombie school is a half day event where you are taught to become one of the undead, and to chase survivors, safely. That means no chasing survivors into oncoming traffic, if you’re not safe, you get a squid, 3 squids, and you fail zombie school!

Once you’ve passed zombie school, you pick which night you want to work, and in return you’re offered a free game on any other night. You can also work more than one night. I signed up to work the opening night, with a view to do more if I enjoyed it.

Safe to say that I really enjoyed it, and I returned each night after that to prowl the streets of Leeds. In the end, I didn’t bother claiming my free game, as I had way too much fun being a zombie instead!

My spot seemed to be The Core shopping centre, which was a really good spot for some zombie fun. Prior to reaching The Core, survivors had only come across slow moving zombies, so having been lulled into a false sense of security, they weren’t prepared for the chase. There were also a few good places to hide in the entrance area, which meant that you could take each group by surprise when they arrived, at least until the night got super busy and the queue started to form.

The best thing about being a zombie for 2.8 hours later, is seeing how immersive the game experience is for the people playing. I will never forget standing with my back to the entrance, watching a group of survivors try to sneak in through the reflection in front of me, and waiting for them to just get passed me before I swing around and take chase, only to hear them wispering, “Shhh, stay quiet and it might not hear us!” Well, unfortunately for them, I’m not a real zombie, I’m a person, and I can hear you. But it’s this feeling of being completely immersed into the event that makes 2.8 hours so special to play. In what other world could I have a grown mad, over 6ft tall and built like a house, screaming and running away from me.

I think it’s safe to say that being a zombie for 2.8 hours later is some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. After 4 nights, I could barely walk, barely talk, I couldn’t get the blood stains off my neck, and I loved every second of it!

I also made some awesome zombie loving friends, some of whom I went to do other zombie related activities with and who I am still in touch with today!

My First OCR – Running the Spartan Sprint 5k

Last month I ended up signing up for the Spartan Sprint 5k race at Heaton Park. I even had great intentions to do lots of training and get back into my running which I had abandoned since my colour run last year. Well, lets just say that it didn’t go according to plan. I started training, but then I stopped again. With a bunch of other stuff going on, including landing a new job, (and putting in hours after my current job to get started asap),  I just didn’t have time to put the effort in.

Instead I decided to go in with a different mindset. Instead of worrying about running in between obstacles, I would focus more on just being able to finish the course, and complete as many obstacles as possible. The only obstacles I would pretty much write off from the get go would be the rope climb or monkey bars, as even with my non existent upper body strength, I wasn’t sure my wrists would be able to handle it.

Race day was last weekend, and as I’m writing this I cannot remember the last time I ached so much. My legs are covered in scratches, bruises and are so stiff I dread the thought of stairs. I have blisters, scratches and bruises in places I forgot I had, and I’m struggling to lift up my arms. The Spartan 5k was amazing, and given the opportunity, I would definitely do it again!

One thing I read, was that anyone should be able to get of the sofa and complete a course, and surprisingly, they’re right! With my very low level of fitness and non existent training, I completed the course and failed only 3 obstacles, one of which was the spear throw at the end which almost everyone failed!

So, how did I get on?

Before the race starts you’re funneled up to the start line with the other runners in your group. Everyone is geared up by the Spartan who leads you in a quick warm up, and gets you chanting AROO AROO AROO!!! Before you set off up the hill and off to see what challenges the course ahead holds for you.

  • Over/Under/Through – The first challenge was a relatively simple, over the wall, under a wall, through a wall. The first wall stands about 6 feet high, and looked pretty simple, but still took a bit of effort for me to haul over it!
  • Big Cargo Net – It wasn’t until I was stood at the bottom of it that I realised how high it went, and I wondered if my vertigo would become a problem. As I neared the top I started to shake, but the two guys in front of me were lovely, and waited for me to get over the top to make sure I was ok getting my footing on the way down. Once I was back on the ground I was shaking, but feeling really good about pushing myself on.
  • Wall Traverse – Fell off this one almost immediately, it was really difficult to get a good grip, so I didn’t get very far.
  • Muddy Puddle – I actually accidentally skipped this obstacle. There were no marshals and no signs, just a big muddy puddle in the middle of the track, so I went around it, not actually realising it should have been an obstacle
  • Hoist – The weight on this one was really heavy, so the marshal gave me a hand getting it started, but I managed to then hoist it to the top myself, although it really hurts trying to lower it back down, so I’m glad I wore gloves!
  • Object Carry (Stone) – I didn’t have much of an issue with this, it was actually quite light, but the men’s stone was double the weight, so I don’t think I could have managed that one.
  • Mud Hill – The best and worst bit of the day. The banks down to and back up the other side of the stream were so steep and slippery I honestly couldn’t understand how people were getting back up the other side. I ended up on my hands and knees scrambling for something to grab onto. Eventually I managed to get high enough to grab a branch, and drag myself up the majority of the other side of the embankment. Whilst almost at the top I felt myself about to slip back down, and have never been so thankful to have a random guys hand on my arse and give me a helping shove! Then it was straight back on my arse to slide back down the embankment into the stream!
  • Barbed Wire Mud Crawl – After a rather long queue, we were told that we could skip this one with no penalty, as the wait was long and there was a risk of glass in the stream. I was quite surprised at the amount of people who skipped it completely, I thought that people would at least give something a try before backing out. The first section of barbed wire was quite high off the ground, so I worked with a group of lads where we held the wire up for each other as we ducked under, but towards the end it was hands and knees and a full on crawl through the stream and up a much less steep embankment to finish this one. Not surprising I had gone from reasonably clean to mud covered by this point.
  • Cargo Net 2 – This time the incline had no netting, just horizontal bars quite far apart. I was really scared on this one as my trainers were really slippy, but I made it to the top and had no issues coming back down.
  • Sand Bag Carry – It didn’t feel that heavy when I first picked it up, but when you’re already exhausted, 20 lbs becomes pretty heavy pretty quickly.
  • Balance Logs – I didn’t think I would do very well at this, I have terrible balance and coming up to it I saw everyone falling off,  but I took it really slow and steady, and made it to the end without falling!
  • Rope Climb – I knew I didn’t stand a chance in hell with this one, but I gave it a quick try, failed miserably, but at least I tried first!
  • 6 foot walls – Next up were two 6 foot walls. I remember being younger and hauling myself over walls with ease, but now, with my aches and pains, lack of general fitness and exhaustion setting in even these were a struggle, but I made it over ok.
  • 8 foot wall – I was quite worried about this one, just that extra 2 feet made it so much harder. I was also a bit miffed, as the girls in front of me struggled, so I ran up to give them a helping lift over, but then when I was half way up, there was no one to help me! Thankfully my amazing boyfriend was on hand to give me a quick leg up and help me over.
  • Spear Throw – Apparently by the time I got there, there had been less than 20 people who had been successful with the spear throw. I of course was not one of them, although my spear was at least on target…..
  • Fire Jump – It wasn’t that big, but it was actually pretty hot jumping over! I even mustered up that last bit of energy to run the final stretch.

The preliminary results show that I completed the course in 1:53:36, which I suppose is pretty bad, but taking into account I got stuck in a couple of long queues (especially at the barbed wire crawl) I reckon that I could take 20 minutes off that time! I also appear to have placed 1012 out of 1030, so I didn’t come last! And on top of that it looks like 172 people didn’t even finish, (or turn  up, I can’t tell).

Overall I really enjoyed myself, but there was one thing that really set me back. Where the hell were the water stations!!!!! A Spartan sprint is advertised at having 3 water stations, but I saw 1, and it was right at the end with the spear throw. I was really really struggling, as it was a very hot day and obviously throwing yourself over walls and running up and down hills is hard work. Whilst walking out I did see a tub of water bottles behind the hoist obstacle, but it was behind it! I couldn’t see this when I was running the race, and there was no one pointing it out. I have no idea where the third water station was, but everyone I asked said they had seen no water either.

I think that in future water stations should be clearly visible and marshals should be on hand to make sure you don’t miss them. It would also be nice if the obstacles were sign posted so you don’t accidentally run around puddles you should be running through. I also assume that some of the tough terrain and logs in the woods I had to climb over were classed as obstacles, and it would be nice if these were also labelled as it’s a great sense of achievement each time you complete one!

So, to sum up, MASSIVE thanks to the two guys who made sure I was ok on the cargo net, HUGE thanks to the guy who gave me a shove up the mud hill! I would definitely recommend that everyone give this a try even if it’s just once, you’ll have enormous amounts of fun, wear your war wounds with pride and feel a great sense of achievement.

For more information, please visit the Spartan UK website!


Spartan Race Training – Part 1

So far my training for the Spartan Run has not been going very well. I’ve only just recovered from my foot injury, so I decided that today I would set out on my first run of the year.

After trying the Zombies Run 5k app last year, and not really taking to it, I decided that this year I would try the main Zombies Run app instead. Rather than having running intervals as in the 5k program, this time you walk/jog at your own pace, but when the Zombies come, you run!

The app contains over 200 ‘missions’, each mission tells part of a bigger story, and in between story section you can have your own playlist kick in to keep you going. You also pick up supplies along the way to build up your own base when you get home.

You can also view previous runs on the app which is good, but to unlock full content you need to become a member, which is a bit I’m not too keen on with this app.

Free member ship allows you to run the first 4 missions, and then have another mission become available each week. You’re capped at collecting 10 supplies per run. To become a member is costs £2.29 per month, or £15.49 per annum, which I think is really unfair for an app. The old app was a one off purchase, and thankfully I bought this on my old account which I can still access, so hopefully I can still unlock all content using this.

I went out on my first mission today. I like the story aspect, it adds a little something different into the run. I didn’t get much running in for the first outing, I think I’ve slipped back to about week 3 in terms of Couch to 5k, and my feet are really hurting, but I hope I’ll pick it up again quickly.

To be honest, when it comes to the Spartan 5k, I’m more concerned about the challenges than the running, but I’m hoping that increasing my overall fitness will help. I’m also doing exercises with 2kg dumbells to strengthen my arms, so fingers crossed I’ll survive.

My 7 Day Detox with Monkey Nutrition – Part 2

Whilst this product was received for free, this review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

I have just finished my 7 day course of Monkey Nutrition M-Detox supplements!

This one is a bit hard for me to review, I’ve never done a detox before, and I’ve never taken supplements, so it’s difficult for me to compare this product to anything else. I’m also not very good at noticing subtle differences in myself, and I don’t want to make the mistake of going looking for a change, and ending up imagining one that might not have really occurred.

Having to take 10 tablets, 3 times a day was a bit of a pain, but you get used to it, and thankfully I managed the full 7 days without missing a packet. This is good for me as I’m terrible at remembering to take my pills.

At first I didn’t really notice much of a change. In fact, the supplements warn that during the detox you may feel tired, but if anything I felt like I had more energy than usual!

After 3/4 days I started having more frequent trips to the toilet, and this has continued until the end of the course. Over the last day or so however I have also been experiencing stomach aches, so I’m not sure if I would have been comfortable continuing the course longer than the 7 days.

Other than that, it’s difficult to measure the benefits. Do I feel better overall? Yes, I think I do, but I cannot guarantee it’s down to the detox. I definitely wouldn’t advise against a detox, the only thing I have real evidence of is that my system has been flushed out, which I would imagine is a good thing!

I’m happy that I did it, and hopefully it was a good kick start to my training for the Spartan 5k!

My Spartan Race Training Plan

Other than “Oh God, what have I got myself into, I’m going to die”, the other major thing I have to consider in the build up to my Spartan Race is how to train.


At first my major issue was my foot injury, which basically means I’m currently living in flip flops, because anything touching the back of my foot means I have to walk with a limp, and I definitely won’t stand a chance in hell at running. I was initially really worried about this, as I haven’t done any running since completing my Couch to 5k program last year, but actually, doing a 5k race with 20+ obstacles probably means that the running will be the least of my problems.

A 5k race with 20 obstacles would mean that the average distance between each challenge would only be 200-250m, and that is something I can do without much training at all! Obviously I still want to do some training, as it would help with my overall fitness, and I have been meaning to get back into it for a while. As my attempt to use the Zombies Run 5k app failed, but my love of Zombies is still very strong, I’m going to try and use the Zombies Run main app instead (as soon as I can wear my trainers again).

So then we come to the obstacles, and here’s where I get very nervous. I’ll try anything once, and I will attempt each challenge, but I really want to actually be able to do them all, even if it takes me 3 hours to complete. My biggest issue is upper body strength. I’ve never had any, I’m quite heavy for my size, and since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis I have no strength in my wrists at all. Whereas previously I was getting much better at push ups, and would happily weight train, I now really struggle.

To try and combat this I have invested in some BodyRip neoprene dumbbell weights, in pairs of 1kg, 2kg and 3kg, for £27.99. I’m hoping that by doing some exercises at home I can improve my strength before the race, and it’s also something I can do without shoes on…..

$_57 (1)

I also have this 30 Day Spartan Race Training Plan program from the Spartan Race Team. I’d like to try and use it as a guide, but I’m not sure if I would be using it to the letter. There are certain things that I’m not sure where in Salford I would be able to do some of the tasks, mainly the bear crawl (I’d probably just get weird looks for this one) and pull ups. I also really want to attempt a rope climb prior to the event, as this is probably the one I’m most worried about.

So, If anyone knows anywhere near the Quays where I can practice my pull ups and rope climbing please let me know! I’m hoping to check out the outdoor gym equipment

This is also a great excuse to get my bike out again, as my boyfriend has recently threatened to get rid of it if it hasn’t moved by the end of the year 🙂

I’m also combining this with a 7 Day Whole Body Detox from Monkey Nutrition which I hope will help get me in shape to train.

Anyway, if you would like to join me, I will be running the Spartan 5k Sprint on the 4th June in Heaton Park, Manchester, but for a full list of upcoming races, please visit the Spartan Race UK website.

You can also enter my prize giveaway for chance to win free entry to any Spartan Race UK here!



My 7 Day Detox with Monkey Nutrition – Part 1

Whilst this product was received for free, this review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

So a while ago I was contacted to see if I would like to review a product from Monkey Nutrition. I took a look at the site, and although I have covered some fitness type things on my blog, I’m definitely not a hardcore fitness fanatic. Looking at the range of products Monkey Nutrition has on offer, most of them are suited to people who are seriously training, with categories such as muscle building, fat burning, performance & endurance.

In hindsight, now I’ve got myself signed up for a Spartan 5k, perhaps going for something to aid performance or endurance would have been helpful, but as I had no such plans at the time, I opted to try out the M-Detox, a 7 day, whole body detox.

I’ve decided to start taking the detox this week, as a precursor to my Spartan Training, which I’m hoping will begin soon (as soon as my foot heals) and a good detox should have me ready to go!

So, first thoughts…..

The product sounds really good, it cleanses the colon, liver, blood, lymph and immune systems, combats inflammation caused by toxic build up and assists in the protection of DNA, proteins & cell membranes (whatever that means).

For £24.99 you get 21 packets. You take one packet 3 times per day, mid morning, mid afternoon, and before bed. I think my first surprise was that when I opened the tub I expected to find 21 sachets, but instead, each ‘packet’ contains 10 tablets. I don’t know why I assumed it would be sachets to be honest, but the thought of swallowing 10 tablets, 3 times a day, for 7 days is a bit off-putting for someone who still can’t swallow tablets very well at 31. However, at least this helps with your water intake, as it takes me almost a large glass to just swallow the tablets!

Anyway, I had my first pack this morning and it was fine, I’m probably whining about nothing with it being tablets……

So, next lets look at the ingredients! Below is the amount per serving of each ingredient;

  • Psyllium Husks – 4200 mg – anti-diarrhoeal, laxative
  • Flaxseed Oil – 2000 mg – a source of α-Linolenic acid, (an omega-3 fatty acid)
  • Cape Aloe (herb powder) – 500 mg – aids digestion, laxative
  • Black Walnut (herb powder) – 500 mg – anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, laxative
  • Cascara Sagrada (herb powder) – 600 mg – laxative
  • Spirulina – 250 mg – a complete protein containing all essential amino acids.
  • Senna Leaves (herb powder) – 100 mg – laxative
  • Fennel Seed (herb powder) – 100 mg- aids digestion
  • African Bird Pepper (herb powder) – 40 mg- aids digestion
  • M-Detox Blend Consisting of:
    Garlic Powder (immunostimulant), Red Clover Powder (a carminative and a natural anthelmintic), Fenugreek Powder,
    Quassia Wood Powder (antibacterial agent), Black Cohosh Powder, Red Sage
    Powder (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), Goldenseal Powder and Gum (anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, laxative)
    Arabic Powder – 250 mg

It all looks very impressive, and above is only a quick peek at the benefits of the ingredients, quite a lot of them seem to be used for a lot of different uses, although I am slightly concerned at the amount of ingredients listed as laxative, you’ll be happy to know I’m doing ok so far…..

I have no idea if the ingredients will actually do what people claim they do, I know that there is a lot of debate over the effectiveness of detox, but as far as I’m concerned, if it makes me feel refreshed and better by the end of the week, then I’ll be happy.

So finally, lets have a look at the recommended diet…..

Ugh, this is where I will fail miserably. Here is the Monkey Guide to Detox Foods, and of course, it advises you to limit the foods I love most; meat & cheese. It’s not clear on my other two cravings of bread and pasta though, I’m not sure if anything not listed as all means you should avoid it, or if that means that it’s ok, and just to try and eat more of the foods that are on the list.

Anyway, me sticking to a diet is impossible, so I will be making the following sacrifices;

  1. I’ll switch my daily meat or cheese sandwich for lunch for soup with seeded bread
  2. I will try to increase my fruit and veg intake
  3. I will try to have 2/3 main meals without meat, but dropping cheese just can’t be done

I may be more successful in trying harder to follow the guide, we will just have to see, but part of me is sceptical that I may then end up feeling refreshed after the week is done just because I have improved my diet, and not through using the detox. So really, I’m being naughty to make sure the product really does work….

How did I get on?