Extremescape – Lost Tomb

We’re back! After more than a year since our last visit to Extremescape, we finally returned to try their latest room – Lost Tomb. This room was barely more than when we visited in January 2016 to play Pirate Ship, but based on the level of detail we had already seen, this is one we’ve been looking forward to for a very long time.

To put things into perspective, we’ve played quite a few different games since our last visit to Extremescape, and after each one, we reflect on what we liked, and what we didn’t like about that room. At some point, in every conversation we have about escape rooms, Extremescape comes up in conversation, and we all end up reminiscing about how much we liked it, and that we really should go back to play the new one. Well, here we are….. Continue reading “Extremescape – Lost Tomb”

Clue HQ, Manchester – Detonation

Clue HQ was one of the first escape room companies we ever visited, so it was great to be back trialing their new site in Manchester. We visited Clue HQ Manchester one evening, and we played Detonation.

You and the rest of your detective team have been on the case of Danny Badd. Badd has been wanted for 7 years and is a known criminal all over Europe. He’s wanted by many different countries for various crimes. After 1 year of gathering information, 24 hour surveillance, and even capturing Badd’s brother, you’ve finally got the best lead that any intelligence unit has ever received with regards to his location. You’re going in, but not without a plan. Badd is notorious for blowing up anyone who attempts to track him down. Watch your step.

Danny Badd is the Clue HQ arch nemesis, and features in a number of their games. You don’t need to have played the previous games he features in before playing Detonation, but it’s a nice touch to have an ongoing theme throughout some of the games. Continue reading “Clue HQ, Manchester – Detonation”

Lucardo Manchester – Virginia House

It’s been a few months now since we last played an Escape Game, and it’s fantastic to see that the industry is still going strong. So strong in fact, that Manchester has just welcomed another new escape room company to the fold. Lucardo, based on Ancoats Street, is hitting Manchester with a bang, offering five rooms along various themes and difficulties. We popped down last week to see what they had to offer, and played their murder mystery themed room, Virginia House. Continue reading “Lucardo Manchester – Virginia House”

Escape Room World Tournament comes to Manchester!

Think yourself a bit of an escape game enthusiast? Why not put your skill to the test and enter the Red Bull Mindgamers challenge. As far as we know, this will be the first escape room world tournament. Are you up to the challenge?

The 2016 Red Bull Mind Gamers Mission is created by Playful Solutions, inspired by ‘MindGamers’ the movie by Terra Mater and by a Game Jam hosted at MIT. Who will be the world’s best Mind Gamers?


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Trapped In – The Ruby Factory & Crazy Clown’s Carnival Reviews

Nine months after our first visit to Trapped In Bury, we returned to play their next two escape games. We knew that after our last visit that they had a funfair themed room planned, but their second room was a complete surprise, and a rather pleasant one at that.

Last time we played Air Traffic Control and Time Machine, but this time, we were there to see what The Ruby Factory, and Crazy Clown’s Carnival had to offer.

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Breakout Manchester – Reclassified

Breakout Manchester

It’s been awhile since we ventured to Breakout Manchester, which is a shame considering it’s the first company we ever played an escape game with, but this weekend we had the opportunity to pop back and check out their latest site on High Street and play the new Reclassified game.

Breakout-Manchester-458x458The High Street site is technically the third Breakout site in Manchester, although their second site in the Great Northern has since closed down, they’re now operating in the original Town Hall and new High Street sites only. The Town Hall site is home to some of our old favourites, such as Virus & Sabotage, and the High Street site is home to several new games, bringing Breakout Manchester to a total of nine different escape rooms, more than any other Manchester company!

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Escape Room UK, Manchester – Secret Lab

It’s been almost a year since we attended the launch of Escape Room in Manchester, and we have continued to be wowed by them ever since. Despite being very impressive, the first game we played with them didn’t actually go so well.

On the launch night we played Secret Lab, the hardest game available, but with just two people, and we failed miserably. In a way, Secret Lab had been my least enjoyable room thus far, and I think a big part of that was how difficult we found it, and I think it was a mistake to try such a difficult room with just two people.

So tonight, we decided to turn our poor record around, and re-play the game with a team of five. To put things into perspective for those of you who have played the room before, if you split your progress into three parts, we barely made it to part two, so we were excited to see how the rest of the game worked, and were pleased to see a few changes to shake things up a bit for us.

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Escape Room UK, Preston – The Gallery

this week we had an amazing time at Escape Room UK in Preston. Not only did we get to play another escape room, but we also got to try out their brand new Laser Quest site!

We last visited Escape Room in Preston on their launch night where we played one of their five star difficulty rooms called Takenwhich we loved, and escaped in just 24 minutes!

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Extremescape – Pirate Ship

Last night we visited the newly opened Extremescape in Disley. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Manchester, and looked to be out in the sticks, which is a bit unusual for an escape game, as most tend to appear in or around major cities.

When we arrived, we seemed to be coming up to a farm house, and if it hadn’t been for the signs, we may have thought we were in the wrong place! Compared to the usual setups we see, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but when we entered the converted barn, we were very pleasantly surprised.

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The Great Escape UK – The UK’s first Escape Room unconference

The 13th January saw the Cross Keys pub in Leeds host the UK’s first Escape Game unconference, and I managed to be part of it. Escape Games have taken the UK by storm in the last few years, and it seems that a new site appears in major cities every few months. Competition is high, but Escape Games are incredibly popular right now, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

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