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#CASChat – Top Tips for PGCE Students

#CASChat – Top Tips for PGCE Students

In October I hosted a #CASChat with Top Tips for PGCE Students. Usually, after a #CASChat the conversation is put into a Storify for people to catch up on or look back at. Unfortunately, Storify is shutting down in 2018, so in order to preserve the conversation, I’ll be summing it up here.

I apologise in advance for not retaining the original tweets, but it would have taken me far too long to copy them all over one-by-one! Instead, I’ve produced a brief summary of answers to each question with links to further resources.

Participants were asked to introduce themselves with a gif that summed up their PGCE year. Here are the best gif responses!

Answers included:

Answers included:

  • Use kinesthetic learning
  • Unplugged activities
  • Contextualise the topic, make it relevant to the real world
  • Teach with ICT
  • Don’t provide immediate answers, ramp up challenge
  • Weird and wonderful demonstrations
  • Flipped Learning
  • Pair/group work and research
  • Bring physical equipment into the classroom
  • Open-ended creative projects
  • Bebras Puzzles

Answers included:


Answers include:

  • Pitch for the most able and scaffold to support other students
  • Crib sheets
  • Teacher intervention
  • Scaffolding code – from complete code, code to extend, code from scratch etc
  • Make sure extension work provides new challenges
  • Flipped Learning
  • Paired Programming
  • Help videos
  • Seating plans for supportive pairs

Answers include:

Answers include:

  • Make it interesting
  • Classroom management software
  • Positive praise for good behaviour
  • Clear expectations
  • Instructions on screen
  • Demonstrations for low-ability students
  • Show students you love the subject
  • Challenge students
  • Carefully considered seating plan



I’d also like to add in everyone who participated in this #CASChat! Including your host, GirlGeekUpNorth, the facilitator, CLCSimon, and all the participants;

@AlwaysComputing, @KJSICT, @K0mputR, @MsBClarke, @MrFurbank, @MrHeadComputing,
@TEKNOTEACHER, @Mr_Comp_Sci, @claireg0, @SouthSeftonICT, @DdR333, @PiVangelist,

Thank you for reading! GirlGeekUpNorth x
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