Escape Room World Tournament comes to Manchester!

Test your skill with the Red Bull Mindgamers challenge! Qualify with your team to take part in the Escape Room World Tournament finale in Budapest!

Think yourself a bit of an escape game enthusiast? Why not put your skill to the test and enter the Red Bull Mindgamers challenge. As far as we know, this will be the first escape room world tournament. Are you up to the challenge?

The 2016 Red Bull Mind Gamers Mission is created by Playful Solutions, inspired by ‘MindGamers’ the movie by Terra Mater and by a Game Jam hosted at MIT. Who will be the world’s best Mind Gamers?


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Game Review – Codenames: Deep Undercover

Codenames: Deep Undercover takes a family favourite and makes it inappropriate for children, which is just the way we like it!

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of the Codenames franchise. We loved the original game, and got hooked on Codenames: Pictures, but what would we think of the latest addition, Codenames: Deep Undercover?

While Codenames: Pictures won us over with its ability to infer so many different meanings onto one image, Codenames: Deep Undercover, takes the game back to its roots, and uses text cards to form the grid. It does however, have an interesting twist. This version is more suitable for the over 18’s! Continue reading “Game Review – Codenames: Deep Undercover”

What to expect when owning a Siberian kitten

Owning a Siberian kitten can be an amazing thing, but here are a few things I wish people had told me before I got one (or two).

I’ve not been a cat owner for very long, and before that, I wasn’t even a cat person, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from owning one. After deciding to get a cat, our breed of choice was the Siberian. As I was allergic we had to opt for a hypoallergenic breed, and Siberians seemed to be the most cute and fluffy. So a Siberian kitten it was…

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Game Review – Love Letter Premium Edition

Love Letter Premium Edition supersizes the original game in every way. With the addition of more roles, you can now have up to eight players!

Love Letter is a firm favourite of ours, and the Love Letter Premium Edition is no different. Taking the original game and supersizing it, this version has larger, thicker cards, larger wooden hearts and a lovely presentation box with magnetic closure. With fancy new packaging and beautifully crafted game pieces, the essence of the game is the same, with a few twists.

Additional cards mean that you can now play with up to eight players, twice as many as the original game! New roles such as the Assassin and Sycophant add interesting new elements to the game. Continue reading “Game Review – Love Letter Premium Edition”

Game Review – HMS Dolores

HMS Dolores is a quick game of negotiation and deception, you’d best get practicing your poker face if you want to go home with the most loot!

I’m a sucker for a deception game, so I was intrigued to see how HMS Dolores would break into the market and bring something different to the table, but with Pirate theme, it was already off to a good start.

I was a but dubious when we first opened up the game and read the rules. While I’m very adept at deception games and the tactics that go with them, I’ve never had to play a deception game that also involves negotiation. And I’m a rubbish liar. Continue reading “Game Review – HMS Dolores”

Roller Derby with the Rainy City Girls

My latest adventure involved watching the Rainy City Roller Derby team for one of their matches & then joining them for a new skater session.

The latest opportunity to come my way was to head over to Oldham and watch a Rainy City roller derby match, before joining them for a new skaters session, so I could give roller derby a go myself.

So, on Saturday 15th October, I popped over to the Thunderdome to see what all the fuss was about. I’d watched some of a roller derby match a few years ago, but only for a short time, and I didn’t quite understand what was going on. This time, I started off in pretty much the same way.  Continue reading “Roller Derby with the Rainy City Girls”

Game Review – Codenames: Pictures

Codenames: Pictures presents exciting new challenges to an already brilliant base game, a perfect game for in sync couples!

We’ve played the original Codenames quite a few times, and it became a fast favourite for us, so when a pictures version was released, we were super excited to try it. Codenames: Pictures is the perfect game for in sync couples to show off with their obscure references no one else will understand.

Back at this year’s UK Games Expo we got a sneaky first peak at the prototype for this game, and we instantly knew we were going to love it. Continue reading “Game Review – Codenames: Pictures”

Scare Kingdom 2016 – Will you get snuffed?

Scare Kingdom 2016 is my fifth year at the park, and every year I say it, this place just gets better and better, and this year, they have added Snuffhouse.

I think that this might be my fifth year running at Scare Kingdom, and every year I say it, but every year is true. This place just gets better and better. Scare Kingdom 2016 has a hefty offering. After Seven Deadly Sins in 2015, the park has maintained it’s seven attractions, more than any other park we know. Continue reading “Scare Kingdom 2016 – Will you get snuffed?”

Grimmfest 2016 – The Highlights

Grimmfest 2016 brought us tons of amazing films, with nine feature films making it onto our list of highlights! Let’s have a look at the best bits…

Well, what an interesting weekend! We spent the 6th – 9th October, pretty much camped out at the Printworks Odeon for Grimmfest 2016, Manchester’s International Festival of Fantastic Films, featuring movie premieres, genre classics and special guests.

Not that we didn’t enjoy Grimmfest 2015, but this year, was really good. Let’s have a look at the best bits….. Continue reading “Grimmfest 2016 – The Highlights”